“I have recommended her to at least ten, if not more, students…”

“I have found her to be nothing short of superlative, as a teacher, musician, and person. She is highly gifted, both in music and in her communication skills…which in my estimation, is a must for a truly good and effective teacher. She is kind, completely responsible, and most reliable. My girls are devoted to her, and because she engenders their attention and respect, they want to do well for her….another must, I feel, for effective teaching. I have recommended her to at least ten, if not more, students, and to a person, they have come back to me with praise and thanks. Ms. Quance could easily ask any of those parents (and students!) to write a glowing letter about her, and they would, gladly. It is a pleasure to be able to so completely and positively report on someone who is so capable. She would be an asset to any teaching staff, and I am confident that once she is given the opportunity to show her abilities to teach and spark interest in music, there will be a bidding war for her services.” –Deborah D.