“One of the most inspiring teachers…”

“It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Marliese Mildenberger, a remarkable piano teacher. Our son, Brett, studied piano with Marliese for 12 years. During this time, I had the privilege of observing Marliese teach not only our son, but many other students. Her ability to engage students of varying ages, learning styles, and skill levels was amazing. She is a very gifted teacher. Brett started piano lessons with Marliese in 1998, when he was a very active 6-year-old. From the beginning, she inspired him to focus on learning to create music. She set realistic, age-appropriate goals, and made it fun. She was able to motivate him to practice, and learn music theory. She taught him how to listen more carefully, in order to enrich his music appreciation and performance. By the time he started high school, when many students withdraw from music lessons, Brett decided to continue with Marliese, which he did until he left for college.

Marliese held recitals for her students twice a year. At these recitals, we had the opportunity to follow the progress, and blossoming, of Marliese’s many students. She encouraged her pupils to try composing, and to perform their compositions at recitals. She allowed her students to study musical pieces that they loved, whatever the source, and she worked with them to find adaptations at the appropriate skill level, and exhibited enthusiasm for their choices, many of which were far from the standard classical repertoire. She worked tirelessly with those students who wanted to participate in the California Music Teachers’ Certificate of Merit program, so that they could successfully compete in this rigorous program.

Brett views Marliese as “one of the most inspiring teachers he has ever known.” We, the parents, agree.” –Lane R.