“…passion and commitment to teaching…”

“…Marliese brings enthusiasm and energy to each lesson and has an extraordinary ability to connect with kids. My son had been taking lessons at a piano school for a couple of years prior and had been quickly losing interest. Marliese was able to get him excited again by giving him options for the pieces he would work on. This meant that he felt more ownership of the pieces and would practice more willingly. The pace she set week to week meant that my son was clearly progressing but not overwhelmed or frustrated. Marliese also gave my son the confidence to play a jazz piece that he had been working on at his school’s talent show last spring. It really was a shining moment for him and he was so proud to play for his friends.

We will miss Marliese’s passion and commitment to teaching and know she will be hard to replace. I highly recommend her to students of all levels and believe in her ability to provide a challenging yet nurturing atmosphere in which students can flourish and find their own voice.” –Lori L.