Studio Policy

Congratulations on enrolling in piano lessons! Studying music can help to increase self esteem, improve coordination, heighten concentration, and increase memory skills. Lessons also help to develop speech, reading, and listening abilities. Music is a language, and like any language, there are many basics that need to be mastered before the student is able to express him/herself fluently. It is my goal to provide a well-rounded curriculum including technique, sight reading, ear training, music theory, and music history, as well as encouragement to improvise and compose if the student has those inclinations.


Please note that the following policy is in accord with the recommended professional policies of the Music Teachers’ Association of California as well as the Music Teachers’ National Association. Tuition fees cover much more than the actual lesson time spent with the student. Fees also take into consideration that many hours are spent in planning courses of study, developing teaching materials, researching student repertoire, scheduling, phone calls, emails, bookkeeping, organizing studio-related events, professional organization memberships, continuing education, and professional development. Teaching is my profession as well as my art. I wish to present and live up to policies that give me the time and financial security to devote my energy to the creative act of sharing music with others.


Tuition is due monthly at the FIRST lesson of each month. Tuition does not cover charges for books or fees for events.
The fee for returned checks is $40. Students arriving late for lessons will receive only the balance of their time. For your convenience, I accept payments via ApplePay(AppleCash), Zelle or personal checks.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of any lesson. Lessons may be rescheduled or made up provided that this advance notice is given. Lessons canceled after the deadline will be forfeited. Please keep in mind that when you sign up for lessons, that lesson time is “yours” and I will be turning other students away. I am unable to hold a spot open for students who cancel too frequently.
If a student suddenly becomes ill, please call or text me as soon as possible. I will provide credit for one emergency cancellation due to illness or family emergency per academic year in the form of a billing credit. If the teacher must cancel a lesson for any reason, a makeup lesson or credit will be given.

Student/Parent Requirements

Students must have an instrument to practice on at home. An acoustic piano is preferable, but a touch sensitive, full-sized weighted-action keyboard will suffice. Acoustic pianos must be in good working order and tuned regularly (usually once per year).
Students need to be able to sit properly at their instrument, which means they may need to have additional height added to their bench (using books or a very firm pillow). Young students may need a footstool, as well. Students are expected to be prepared for their lessons, with pieces practiced and written work completed. If the student has had less practice time than desirable, it becomes even more important that they take their lesson. They may need extra encouragement and additional practice techniques.
All books currently being used should be brought to the lesson, or in the case of in-home lessons,  should be at the piano before the lesson time (to prevent wasted time searching the house for the errant theory book).
PRACTICE IS CRUCIAL in order for the student to progress. The amount of practice time needed depends on the student’s level and and goals. Students should be practicing a minimum of 5 days a week, but preferably daily. Even 5-10 minutes on the piano makes a difference and is valuable on days when time is short. Fingernails must be trimmed, and hands washed before the lesson.