“…we have nothing but the highest respect and praise for Mrs. Mildenberger…”

“Mrs. Mildenberger is absolutely everything we wanted in a piano teacher. During the past three years she was very punctual and very rarely had to miss or reschedule a lesson. She was very kind and patient with our daughter and yet persistent and disciplined enough to keep our daughter focused and progressing. She has a reward system that kept our daughter excited about completing her homework and our daughter always looked forward to her weekly lesson.

Our daughter is taking piano lessons for the love of music and because of her other activities does not have the time to be a super dedicated student. We discussed this upfront with Mrs. Mildenberger and she completely understood our goals and made it clear that it was ok and that she is fine working with casual students as well as with someone who wants to be a concert pianist. This was evident at the wonderful recitals Mrs. Mildenberger put on where the full range of her students was on display, all of which were very proud and confident with their own progress as musicians.

Mrs. Mildenberger was also our daughter’s music teacher at the Wesley school and we have seen her work, and put on musical productions, with a large variety of children, which she does with great skill and enthusiasm.

In short, we have nothing but the highest respect and praise for Mrs. Mildenberger and we were very disappointed to see her move.” -David N.